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The Collection

In the early days, we focused almost exclusively on German reconnaissance vehicles from the Second World War. This is represented by a range of vehicles including the Bussing Nag 8 wheeled armoured car Sd.Kfz.232, the smaller four-wheeled Sd.Kfz.222A, the Sd.Kfz.223A and Sd.Kfz.223B, the light armoured half-tracks Sd.Kfz.250A and later Sd.Kfz.250B, the medium armoured half-track Sd.Kfz.251D and a range of light vehicles providing support such as trucks, personnel vehicles and motorcycles. This collection of German vehicles is now complete. Restoration is still required for a good number of them where parts remain outstanding or where we have upgraded various examples in the interest of provenance or originality. A defined restoration plan with date lines is in place for all the remaining German vehicles.

Once we realised the Foundation had outgrown the restrictive WWII German objective, our collection priorities changed. The allure of restoring tanks from the First World War was too great for us to ignore, as was the challenge of gathering very rare war machines from the old British Empire.

Our collection has been built with an eye to interesting vehicles missing from the national collection and those, which would be considered unique or rare elsewhere in the world. The Foundation vehicles failing this test have to justify themselves on the grounds of authenticity, completeness or best of all – provenance - to be included in the collection.

The work never ends. Maintenance programmes, replacement with better or more original components, even complete rebuilds of engines and gearboxes is undertaken on every machine at some point. Correct storage of these vehicles allowing for the relative extremes of our climate is a constant challenge.