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Leichter Personenkraftwagen

  Typ 166 Schwimmwagen

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The history of this VW Typ 166 Schwimmwagen can be traced back through four British and one French owner. The first British owner is believed to have obtained this vehicle not long after WWII from Normandy in northern France. Somewhere between the first and second owner the vehicle had a door cut into each side of the hull, and the side mudguards lowered in order to pass under the new doors. Both these changes were later reversed. The vehicle passed rapidly through the hands of the second and third owners and was by this stage in a very poor condition overall with many parts including its engine, missing. The Schwimmwagen was sold again in 1994, the bodywork, engine, mechanics and electrical system were all refurbished before the vehicle became part of the collection in the late 1990s. Subsequent work done on the Schwimmwagen was done without thought to accuracy. Images of wartime Schwimmwagens were used to correct supposed flaws in the earlier build ultimately creating a more extensive headache for us in future years. The quest for accuracy developed over time but the Schwimmwagen was unfortunately the first vehicle into the fold and therefore the most inaccurate. A more complete restoration is planned as the ....