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Schwerer Panzerspähwagen


In Detail

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SdKfz 232
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Many collections have an ultimate goal. Ours is the restoration of a Sd.Kfz.232 Büssing Nag eight wheeled armoured car. What makes this vehicle so interesting is not only how it looks, but the technical challenge faced by the team in the original assembly programme all those years ago. We have to revisit the very same process but only after a detailed information gathering process to gather all surviving information on this vehicle and the parts required for an authentic rebuild. Two transfer boxes, two driver’s positions and the extremely complex eight wheeled independent suspension to highlight just a few of the features. Given how few of these vehicles were assembled it is remarkable that we have managed, very laboriously over a long time, to secure one part after another, keeping a faint glimmer of hope alive. The glimmer has gradually glowed stronger as each piece of the puzzle has arrived. The stamina required, however, to locate the remaining key parts of the vehicle is enormous. What makes the project even more challenging is that there were multiple series of vehicles and numerous modifications and additions during the production history. These small modifications are not well documented. According to research done ....