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Looking For Information On The Renault FT-17 Tank?


Are you interested in the Renault FT-18 and looking for information on this First World War vehicle?

Frequently referred to as the FT-18, there were 3,000 of these Renault tanks manufactured by the French industry- mostly in 1918. Another 950 were made in the United States but weren’t finished in time to be used. ‘FT’ wasn’t a codename for anything, nor did it have any meaning- it was simply a factory code.

Since they were mostly made in 1918, this tank only appeared right at the tail-end of the war. However, the design was originally conceived in 1915 by Col. Estienne: the French ‘father of tanks’.

The Renault FT-18 was far more technically advanced than other French tanks at the time, but remained plagued by radiator fan belt problems throughout the war.

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