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Our Tank and Armoured Vehicle Collection


Are you interested in historic military vehicles?

Britain is currently in the midst of the 100th anniversary of World War I with 2018 marking a century since the war ended.

The last surviving veteran of the First World War died aged 110 in 2012. Since we now have no veterans left to remember the war, it’s more important than ever to preserve its history and remind people of its significance., Tanks played a key role in both World War I and World War II

If you’re interested in tanks and military vehicles, The Weald Foundation and it’s collection are a unique resource. We are dedicated to acquiring and preserving First and Second World vehicles for the education of the public.

Our collection includes tracked armour, wheeled armour, soft-skinned and artillery pieces, along with trailers such as this Panjewagen.

Discover more about our Tank Collection.