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World War 1 Tank Restoration


Are you looking for an organisation that carry out the restoration of a World War 1 tanks? Do you need more information on tanks and their history?

There were more than 17 million deaths during World War 1, making it one of the deadliest conflicts in human history.

It was during this conflict that tanks first made an appearance, with the first vehicle entering the conflict in September 1916. By World War II, the tank had evolved significantly and they were being used far more widely than during WWI. However, before this, the idea of armoured vehicles was already existent.

Winston Churchill had a significant role to play in the development of the tank, as his determination was what pushed through the prototype.

The Weald Foundation have a working collection of tanks which have been restored. Although we are not a museum, we offer excellent resources for those who wish to find out more about our tanks and their restoration.

We have a unique collection of military vehicles, including tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles.

We regularly produce articles on the restoration of tanks and other vehicles which are available to members via our website. As a charity, The Weald Foundation depends upon member donations, so your help is always appreciated.

Discover more about our Military Vehicles today.